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This is the cruise I like for Galapagos
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M/V Galapagos Legend

The Galapagos Legend is a luxury boat specially designed for people that wants to discover the Galapagos Islands surrounded by comfort and high quality services. Please feel free to leave us a quick note about this ship and we will contact you back:

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M/V Galapagos Legend

This luxury vessel will allow you to discover the Galapagos Islands with all the excellence in services required of this type of cruises, but within a more casual atmosphere.

The elegant and charming cabins aboard the Galapagos Legend  –most of them with panoramic windows– will accommodate up to one hundred passengers and the spacious social areas like its pool, jacuzzi or piano bar let you relax after the expeditions into the islands while enjoying a gorgeous sunset. Knowledgeable multilingual naturalist  guides will lead you into one of the most amazing experiences of your lifetime discovering the unique wonder of the Galapagos Archipelago.

(Mon – Thu)
North-Central Islands

Mon:    Morning: Pick up at  Baltra Airport and transfer to the Galapagos Legend. / Afternoon: Visit a natural giant tortoises reserve at the Highlands and the Pit Craters on Santa Cruz Island.

Tue:      Morning:  Hiking on Egas Port and snorkeling on Santiago Island (birdlife & marine iguanas)/ Afternoon: After hiking, a dinghy ride takes us to our snorkeling spot on Bartolome Island. (Pinacle Rock, blue-footed boobies, white-tipped sharks)

Wed:    Morning: Hiking up Dragon Hill on Santa Cruz for beautiful panoramics (land iguanas) / Afternoon: Hiking, dinghy ride and snorkeling in North Seymour. (frigate birds, blue footed boobies, sea lions)

Thu:      Morning: Hiking along Bachas Beach, where we find the remains of the II World War US Navy barges that made part of the operation of the Baltra airbase. Last snorkeling opportunity. Later, transfer to Baltra Airport. (sea turtles)

(Thu – Mon)
Western Islands

Thu:  Morning:   Pick up at  Baltra Airport and transfer to the Galapagos Legend. / Afternoon:  Dinghy ride on Black Turtle Cove on northern Santa Cruz Island. (sea turtles, reef sharks, rays, birdlife)

Fri:  Morning: Hiking and snorkeling at Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island. (ancient lava formations, marine life) / Afternoon:  Hiking on Rabida Island and its distinctive red sand beaches. A dinghy ride takes us to the snorkeling area. Sea kayaking opportunity. (Darwin’s finches, brown pelicans, seabirds, geology)

Sat:  Morning: Short hike on Urbina Bay -with its characteristic black sand beaches- on Isabela Island. Enjoy the view of Alcedo Volcano. (flightless cormorant, coral reef, tropical fishes) / Afternoon:  Hike on Tagus Cove and learn about the five volcanoes that form Isabela and Darwin’s salt-water crater lake. Dinghy ride, snorkeling and kayaking opportunities. (Galapagos penguins, Brown noddies, terns)

Sun:  Morning: Hiking on Espinosa Point and snorkeling on the highest endemic marine diversity area of the archipelago on Fernandina Island. (marine iguanas, sally light-foot crabs, Galapagos penguin, flightless cormorants, Galapagos Hawk, Pa Hoe Hoe and AA lava formations) / Afternoon:  On Vicente Roca Point at Isabela opportunity of deep water snorkeling and dinghy ride. (Nazca boobies, blue footed boobies, seabirds)

Mon: Morning: Hike on Santa Cruz Highlands to visit the Galapagos giant tortoises reserve.  Transfer to Baltra Airport.

(Mon - Thu)
Central-East Islands

Mon:    Morning: Pick up at  Baltra Airport and transfer to the Galapagos Legend. / Afternoon: Enjoy some hiking, a dinghy ride and snorkeling around Mosquera Islet specially known by having a large sea lion colony. (sea lions, herons, lava gulls)

Tue:      Morning:  Hiking on South Plaza Island (nazca boobies, cactus forest, land and marine iguanas)/ Afternoon: After hiking in search of endemic land iguanas, a dinghy ride takes us to our snorkeling spot on Santa Fe, kayak opportunity ( Galapagos Hawk, Galapagos snake, Galapagos mockingbird)

Wed:    Morning Hiking Pitt Point & Islet up San Cristobal snorkeling, hiking, dinghy, kayak  (the three species of  boobies together, both species of frigate birds, viewpoints) / Afternoon: Hiking at Witch Hill “Cerro Brujo”on San Cristobal for a great view of Kicker Rock, dinghy ride and snorkeling and  kayaking opportunities. (Black-necked Stilts, Ruddy Turnstones, Whimbrels, other sandpiper species and White-cheeked Pintails)

Thu:      Morning: Arrival on Puerto Baquerizo Moreno,  visit Cerro Colorado and the Giant Tortoise Reserve, time in town. Later, transfer to San Cristobal Airport. (Giant tortoises)

(Thu – Mon)
South-East Islands

Thu: Morning: Arrival to San Cristobal Airport and transfer to the M/V Galapagos Legend. Afternoon: Visit the Interpretation Center on Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and intense hike on Tijeretas Hill on San Cristobal Island. (Natural history)

Fri: Morning: Gardner Bay, Gardner & Osborn Islets for some hiking, snorkeling and kayak opportunities on Española Island (birdlife, endemic subespecies, marine life variety). Afternoon: Hiking Suárez Point for rich bird life and impressive geological formations, on Española. (nazca and blue footed boobies, red-billed tropic bird, seasonal observation of Waved Albatross -may to december-)

Sat: Morning: Hike on Post Office Bay – known as such for the pirates wooden barrel that once served to send letters with other journeymen- on Floreana Island. Snorkeling. (endemic vegetation, yellow warblers, lava lizards, green pacific turtles). Afternoon: Visit Cormorant Point, Devil Crown or Champion in Floreana, hiking and snorkeling.

Sun: Morning: Hike on Santa Cruz Island highlands to visit the Galapagos giant tortoises natural reserve in Santa Cruz. Afternoon: Visit the  Fausto LLerena Breeding Center where all the conservation efforts to preserve the Galapagos Archipelago become evident. Visit also the Charles Darwin Research Station and Port Ayora with free time for some souvenir shopping or contemplating the Galapagos peoples weekend at Santa Cruz  (Giant tortoises, Darwin’s finches).

Mon: Morning: Circumnavigate Daphne Islet, an eroded tuff cone formation as for the last opportunity to see some of the most characteristic species of the Galapagos Islands. Later, be transferred to Baltra Airport (Darwin’s finches, Blue-footed Boobies, Nazca Boobies, Red-billed Tropic birds, Swallow-tailed, Gulls, Brown Noddies).


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