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About us

SLT Ecuador, is born from the dream of Ecuadorians in love with our country and passionate for its mega diversity. On 2006 it starts operations promoting Ecuador to different international clients and it’s now specially consolidated with Canadian and USA markets, although its service has been crucial to enjoy an enhanced Ecuador and Galapagos experience for travelers from all over the world. Our offer of cultural, sports and ecotourism, include visits to indigenous communities, national parks and natural reserves; prioritizing the host community well-being and its relationship and interactions with the visitors, as well as the development and sustainable projects are encouraged.

SLT Ecuador is constantly researching and developing packages and services created to satisfy the particular interests of our individual clients and partner travel agents, whether as a tour package or as a “tailor-made” product.

SLT Ecuador now, it’s the only Ecuadorian tour operator that works with its own operational offices in Quito and Cuenca to the benefit and safety of our clients.


  • SLT ECUADOR committed with the quality in our services and excellence through its management policies, assumes the following agreements:
  • Ensure the satisfaction of our customers by generating loyalty and positive references.
  • Generate confidence in our services and providers, creating fraternal, firm and secure relationships with our clients.
  • Maintain a serious commitment with the innovation of our services through research and development processes.
  • Maintain our commitment to develop sustainable activities in conjunction with the beneficiary communities involved in our operation.
  • Give preference to suppliers that have quality certifications, responsible and sustainable management.
  • Support the development and success of community programs and projects.
  • Prevent risks in the development of each of our business activities.
  • Encourage a pleasant work environment between internal and external employees of the company, through good practices of coexistence and professional development opportunities, with a framework of respect for human, labor and individual rights without any discrimination.
  • Encourage and stimulate respect for the environment by implementing plans for the reduction and reuse of resources; classifying the waste for recycling management; training the staff and employees of the company, so they can apply this to their daily tasks, always keeping in mind the care of the environment.


Position ourselves as the most prestigious tour operator and travel agency at regional level within the next 5 years, highlighting on service innovation and sustainable management of our products, always providing the best quality and safety to our customers, with the eagerness that their experiences exceeds their expectations. Generating strategic and commercial alliances inside and outside the country for the growth and development of the company.


To be a leading company in tourism operation nationwide, demonstrating in the development of our products and services our commitment with quality and excellence; guaranteeing the experience of our clients with a personalized and highly qualified service.

Our company will be recognized for its high social and environmental commitment by generating responsible and inclusive products and services that contribute to the socio-economic progress of the different actors involved in tourism, the preservation and conservation of the cultural and natural heritage