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quito & surroundings

QUITO FULL DAY (Everyday, Teleferico closed on Mondays, lunch included)

Explore into the heart of historical Quito, the first city in the world to be declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1978 and offers to its visitors, magnificent squares, churches and plazas. The modern urban development apreciated from the Teleferico and the Equator line, passing nearby.

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The impressive Antisana paramo flora and birdlife will definitely embellish the experience in its surrounding ecological reserve. This is great place for bird watching amateurs since many Carunculated Caracaras, Andean Lapwings, Brown Speckled Teal, Cinereous Conebills, Black Wing Doves, Black-faced Ibis, and the splendid Andean Condor might be easily spotted.

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