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The Jardin Aleman Lodge opened in January 1996,  is surrounded by 125 ha protected primary and secondary rainforest. Apart from the hotel grounds, belongs to the Lodge 100 ha protected rainforest on  the banks of the Napo River. The resort is built on 5 ha. The Lodge is located on the banks of Misahuallí River, a tributary of Napo River , which forms after about 1400 km, in Perú, the Amazon.


These rivers are so called White Waters. That means that they or their tributaries rise in the Andes Mountains and they always carry sediments along. This is also why they are relatively eutrophic and they look muddy and dirty because of the stirred up sediments. The opposite is Black Water. These rivers or lakes rise in the Amazon Basin by ground or rainwater; because of weathering of plants, they are very acid and dark, but clear and oligotrophic water.

The closer village to the hotel, 4 kilometres away, is Misahuallí. For a long time Misahuallí village has seen the end of the road and the starting point for journeys into the Ecuadorian part of the Amazon rainforest, which was completely undeveloped until the discovery of petroleum about 30 years ago.  Tourist Superior accommodation. More info click here

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  1. Jaime Dominguez

    Hola: Necesitamos información sobre este u otro sitio, en la amazonía, cercano a Cuenca, relativamente barato, para un fin de semana (viernes a domingo) para 6 adultos y 4 niños.

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