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Community / Sustainable tourism

Yasuni Kichwa Lodge

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Yasuni Kichwa Lodge is one of the most successful community and sustainable ventures there are in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Completely managed and operated by the Añangu Community this lodge provides high standard confort with respectful low impact in the most biodiverse ecosystem in the World: by every single hectare of protected land, there are more species of living beings than in the whole European continent. Yasuní means ‘sacred land’ and symbolizes the abundance of life on Earth.

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The Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve Eco-Lodge is amidst a 700 hectare private reserve where you will discover endemic birds, bromeliads and orchids, hummingbirds and tanagers, toucans and antpittas amongst many others that turn the Tandayapa Valley into one of the most world visited areas by conservation enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and nature lovers. It is Smart Voyager Certified.

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