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Ecuador is without any doubt a must-see destination for bird-watchers. Currently 1640 distinct species of birds have been registered. That is 17% of the birds in the whole planet, in an area the size of the United Kingdom. 80% of the birds that exist in Brazil can be found in 3% of Ecuador’s territory. Those and other relevant facts rank Ecuador first in the world for holding the largest concentration of birds, according to the number of bird species per area unit. Additionally we must take into consideration the fact that in Ecuador you can bird-watch all year – round, attributes enough to call it “The birds’ country”.

The northwest Chocó and the southwest Tumbesian Regions on the Ecuadorian lowlands, have the largest number of native species according to studies carried out by Birdlife International.

There are several bioregions in Ecuador, each one with its own natural features that have resulted in unique adaptations and the evolution of a wide range of species. The various different habitats found in Ecuador are: lowlands coastal forest, mountain forest in the eastern and western Andes, dry forest, mountain scrub and páramo (moorlands), and the Amazon rain forest. Plus Galapagos, being a bird-world on its own.


  • All meals (in one day trip lunch and snack) in multi days trip 3 meals a day and snacks and limitless pure water.
  • Bilingual guide specialized in bird watching.
  • Accommodation in the multi days trip (reserve lodges and local hotels)
  • Private transportation
  • Local guides when necessary.


  • Internal flights
  • Extra drinks and tips
  • Anything not acknowledged on the “all programs include” paragraph.

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