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Due to the Ecuadorian topography and geographical diversity, sometimes shifting just in few hours, our country is one of the best destinations in South America for mountain biking. Our trips take visitors to the remotest sites, through beautiful natural areas, Indian villages, coastal fishing towns and jungle destinations. The designed trips range from easy scenic rides, to moderate downhill and cross country ones or the most technical routes for the experienced bike riders. We offer one day tours in the little used Andean trails or longer trips that go from the high Andes either to the lower coastal or jungle zones.  Some routes follow paved scenic roads and most offer several country yard routes and paths through forest, coast lines, highlands with snow caped volcanoes, deserts and moorlands, all these, awaiting for you.

Our trips are equipped with high quality bikes, helmets and gloves and joined by a 4 wheel drive vehicle. However, for the extremely dedicated mountain bikers, it might be advisable to bring their own bikes, equipment and gear.

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