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The Xavier III M/Y is a comfortable air-conditioned 72-foot motor yacht built to accommodate 16 passengers with 8 double occupancy cabins with either a window or a porthole, air conditioning and private bath. Our clean and comfy yacht is a Comfort Class boat, staffed with an exceptional crew, including a certified naturalist guide.

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M/V Santa Cruz and the comfort it affords gives you a most rewarding chance to explore unique environs at the pace of your choice, supported by knowledgeable guidance and enjoyable company.  The natural wonders of Galapagos within your reach in a most delightful way. M/V Santa Cruz, an opportunity to observe, experience, explore, learn all about the rugged beauty of the Galapagos in a most comfortable and enchanting option.

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The impressive Antisana paramo flora and birdlife will definitely embellish the experience in its surrounding ecological reserve. This is great place for bird watching amateurs since many Carunculated Caracaras, Andean Lapwings, Brown Speckled Teal, Cinereous Conebills, Black Wing Doves, Black-faced Ibis, and the splendid Andean Condor might be easily spotted.

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