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The Saraguro people see in tourism a valuable way to bring back and preserve their traditions and culture in order to share it with visitors. They are very welcoming and willing to show us part of their daily life, turning this trip into one of the best experiences of rural, agro and community tourism. They are very proud of their indigenous roots so they wear their typical customs and practice ancestral rituals.

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The most southern province of the Ecuadorian Andean region, Loja, is full of interesting natural and cultural highlights. This trip combines those sites, starting with a visit to Saraguro, the center of a very special native group, where we will witness parts of their traditions and handicraft work. Vilcabamba is located in a warm subtropical valley with a very pleasant andrelaxed atmosphere excellent for hiking or simply enjoying the natural scenery and landscape. It is known for its spa facilities and laid back life style. We also visit the Podocarpus N.P. for a walk on the cloud forest area of Cajanuma. Finally we tour around the city of Loja known for having excellent urban planning and very interesting visitor sites. We then return to Cuenca.

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It is one of the best ways to get to know the real Ecuador, the country lifestyle, one of the most special wonders of this little but magical realm.

The mountainous topography of the Ecuadorian Andes, combined with the natural existent wonders such as volcanoes, lakes and forests, plus the ethnical component, creates the right atmosphere for a wonderful horseback riding experience.  Our trips intend to show visitors the remote and unique countryside landscapes, by following small trails used by locals. Through small hidden villages, lush farming areas and breathtaking views.

Our trips range from beginners to experienced riders, but in all of them you must like horses, have some degree of fitness, and most important, to have self confidence. Our horses are well trained and are used to carrying passengers with different skills. Some are very calm for those with little experience and some are hot blooded for riders in the quest for the adrenaline rush.

For our trips we use different family hacienda facilities for accommodation. Each one has its own enchantment, its own natural ecosystems and unique traditions. Some are ancient from colonial times, others are located on the skirts of volcanoes, some are surrounded by forest and wonderful natural landscapes and others are modern with beautiful decoration. However the common trait amongst all of them, is the fact that are very comfortable, charming and welcoming for visitors that would enjoy to experience the Ecuadorian countryside lifestyle  feeling at home.

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Please check our Horseback riding tours to find the options that will suite your requirements. Taylor made tours are possible, please contact us.