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This Cajas National Park full day tour, will give us a chance to enjoy the two most important climatic zones of this recognized Wetlands protected area.

We will have a short drive towards the lower zone of the El Cajas National Park, world known for its over 300 lake system. RAMSAR recognized. Here you will do an easy hike on the Llaviuco Lake area while casually bird watching and landscaping. This area possesses a highly interesting mixture of habitats for bird-watching: well preserved mountain forests, páramos, lakes and pastures. The Mountain Toucan, Andean Guan, Masked Trogon, Turquoise Jay, various colorful Tanagers and 12 species of Hummingbirds and aquatic birds are among the highlights that you might spot.

The tour will continue towards the high zone of the Park, to observe “Páramo” or moorlands vegetation and witness the impressive contrasts created by different levels of altitude. This zone hosts some 150 upper Andean species; the most notable is the Violet-throated Metaltail, a humming bird which is practically endemic to this protected area. Other birds found in here are the Carunculated Caracara, Tawny Antpitta, Stout-billed Cinclodes and the Ecuadorian Hillstar Hummingbird, also the so called “King of the Andes”: the magnificent Condor. Lunch will be served in the area. At the end of the afternoon we’ll return to Cuenca. Book now


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