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The Gualaceo-Limon Route (90 Km) begins at 3.500 m and ends in the other side of the eastern Andean range at 1.220 m providing different ecosystems: paramo, bush covered paramo, mountain forest and pre-mountain humid forest. Here we would find Masked Mountain Tanager, Chestnut-bellied Cotinga, Emerald Toucanet, etc.


  • Moderate activities of  8 hours per day
  • Highland terrain elevations ranges from  1200 m to 1600 m
  • Warm and humid weather
  • Early departures
  • Very few mosquitoes: light insect repellent and long sleeves are recommended. Book now

Some of the most important birds of the area are:

Scientific Name English name Common Name
Urosticte benjamíni Purple-bibbed Whitetip Colibrí puntiblanca  pechipúrpura
Trogon comptus Choco Trogon Trogón del Choco
Rhampastos brevis Choco Toucan Tucán del Choco
Cephalopterus  penduliger Long-wattled Umbrellabird Pájaro paraguas


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