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The Incas had a highly developed road and communication system that connected important points and settlements along the Andean mountains. However, with the construction of modern roads, the Inca trail was not that important anymore, except for local people that still use it and follow many part of this ancient road system for connecting with other remote villages and trading activities.

After long research we have been able to re-discover the portions between Riobamba (Central Ecuadorian Andes) to Cuenca and Cuenca to Loja (Southern Andes).

We could cover and offer the whole long trip in approximately 10 days or better recommend a couple smaller journeys picking up the best portions of the trail, considering the scenery, highlights on route and level of difficulty.

These trips are intended for skilled riding adventure lovers. The route taken is along mountain ridges and up and down the narrow Andean valleys providing a very active riding experience, passing by the remotest indigenous villages and amazing Andean landscapes, witnessing the most hidden and least visited sites in the Ecuadorian Andes.

The portions of the Inca trail that we recommend the most are:


Private, Any Day, 2 or more days

Achupallas Ingapirca

Day 1 Achupallas Culebrillas

Day 2 Culebrillas Ingapirca

Gualaceo – Totorillas

Day 1 San Juan de Gualaceo – Aguarongo

Day 2 Aguarongo – Totorillas

Totorillas Saraguro

Day 1 Totorillas Gima

Day 2 Gima Cochapata…

Day 3 Cochabamba Oña

Day 4 Oña Saraguro


  • overnight at local indigenous villages, camping, or haciendas
  • some difficult riding of 6 – 8 hours a day
  • intermediate to advanced riding skills required
  • highland and subtropical terrain elevations from 2,600 m to 4,000 m Book now

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